Best Time to Sell

Nationally, the peak months of search activity are March and April. After a slight dip in May, there’s a second peak in the summer months of June and July. As the year ends, search activity drops off. December is the slowest month, followed by November.

Home Values

This is a very interesting article about price increases in our area.
Home price trends by region:


U.S. economy grew at 3.2 percent rate in Q4:

CO and Fire Detectors

We change our 9V batteries, but did you know you should put electrical take over the end until you recycle them? Read the attached article about how a fire can result if you don’t store them properly.
Don’t Burn Down Your House Being Green – Dispose of Batteries Properly
We use batteries to power hundreds of things in our daily lives to make our lives unbelievably more convenient, efficient and varied. However, those innocuous little powerhouses can pose significant, even deadly, environmental and safety hazards. There is a good general article about how to dispose of batteries properly here. Batteries can also be inadvertent fire starters. One of our readers suggested we share this You Tube video from a man who lost his home because he didn’t properly store them for later recycling.

Interest Rates

The Seahawks won, it is sunny and rates are down! Rates are down .5% from the start of 2014. This means that if a buyer was shopping for a home for $500,000 at the beginning of January, they can purchase a home today for $525,000 with the same monthly payment. This is from a loan officer at Cobalt Mortgage.

Time to Sell

According to Trulia’s market research, as winter’s end approaches, the housing market wakes up. Annual lows are usually December and January. Online searching begins in January and reaches a peak in March when actual sales pick up. For our area March and April are peak searching months followed by peak closings a few months later.


GO HAWKS! The game will be on three screens at the Cascade Club. All Trilogy residents are supporting our Seattle team.

Low Inventory

Homes for sale in Trilogy are at an all time low of five active listings!

Mortgage Interest Rates

This is the last FOMC meeting under the reign of outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Many analysts are forecasting the Fed is likely to trim its bond purchase program even further which could drive up mortgage rates.

Job Growth

Good news for local home sales!
Steady job growth in 2014: