Low Inventory in King County

King County has about 2.5 months of inventory. A 4-6 month supply is considered balanced, so we are definitely in a seller’s market. Seattle has 1.7 months of inventory; the Eastside 2.4 months. Here’s an example of what that means: Someone looking to buy a single family home between $500,000 and $600,000 in Bellevue today has just eight listings to choose from. Buyers can expect multiple offers on properties that are fairly priced.

Trilogy Inventory

The number of homes for sale in Trilogy is at an all time low, a total of seven.
There are three bank owned properties: an Orchard at $349,900; a Chelan at $384,900; and, a Washington at $474,888.
There are two Hemlocks from the Forest Collection: one at $667,500, and one at $699,999.
And there are two Monticello’s from the Estate Collection: a new one at $1,040,600, and one with a view at $1,189,000.
Inventory is expected to rise in the next few months, but the buyers have very few choices.